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Livingston County Chiropractic is located in Pontiac and has integrated physical rehabilitation with chiropractic care in the relief of shoulder pain. We are trained in rehabilitation and offer a highly skilled chiropractor who will create a shoulder pain treatment plan tailored to you. Get the reliable shoulder pain relief that has been proven to get rid of shoulder pain. We recommend you schedule an appointment to meet with our shoulder pain doctor at Livingston County Chiropractic. We are taking new patients and welcome Pontiac residents to visit our shoulder pain clinic.

Pontiac Shoulder Pain Relief

Our shoulder pain treatment targets those who want to take a more natural approach to shoulder pain. Livingston County Chiropractic thinks out of the box of just putting a Band-Aid on a symptom but deals with the root issue. We offer more than traditional rehabilitation and shoulder pain relief. Pontiac is known for being the setting of the movie Grandview U.S.A. Pontiac has a population of 11,931 and an architecturally appealing Fire Station. Livingston County Chiropractic offers an alternative to shoulder pain, and that is a healthy shoulder free of shoulder pain.

Pontiac Shoulder Pain Treatment

Livingston County Chiropractic is committed to our patients, and we provide a shoulder pain treatment that helps get results and can even prevent future injury. Allow us to restore your health and provide shoulder pain relief through holistic methods. Don’t be limited by shoulder pain and in our relaxing shoulder pain clinic, we will address your concerns. The shoulder pain doctor at Livingston County Chiropractic works with people of all ages. If your shoulder pain is restricting you call (815) 844-4631. Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive consultation.

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