Vitamin Supplements

Nutrional supplements: Metagenics and Standard Process

Metagenics and Standard Process vitamin supplements have been selected to meet the high standards for quality and optimum nutritional support.

untitledStandard Process is a whole food supplement that can help with a whole array of conditions, such as hot flashes, pain management, leg cramps and digestive issues. Options are available to help build and support the immune system. All Standard Process products are whole food, not synthetic. We feel the body utilizes them more naturally with fewer side effects than over-the-counter options.

untitledMetagenics produces cryogenically preserved nutritional supplements. Most processed vitamins lose nutrition in the heat processing phase. The cryogenic preservation process helps preserve the original nutritional content so your body gets more of the intended nutrition. We believe the quality of   Metagenics products is much higher than what you can find over the counter. Better yet, Metagenics supplements are cost effective resulting in more nutrition for your money.