What to expect

What to expect on your first visit

When you come in to our office you will be greeted by our front desk manager with a smile.  She will assist you in filling out the initial intake paperwork.   This will help us to access and better understand your condition and how we are going to be able to help you.

After the initial paperwork is complete, we will take you to an examination room where the doctor will perform an extensive consultation on current health concerns as well as any previous health conditions.  The doctor will perform an examination, including computerized nervous system scans and X-rays if needed.

After your first visit is complete, we will schedule another appointment to go over a Report of Findings.

What is a Report of Findings?

A Report of Findings is when the doctor will sit down with you and discuss the findings of your examination, nervous system scans and x-rays.  At this time, the doctor will explain to you if she feels if chiropractic can help, how often you need to come, and go over a flexible payment plan.   We will have a complimentary insurance verification complete to know your insurance benefits.

If we feel chiropractic can help with your condition, we will get you adjusted that day. If we feel we can’t help, we will find other health resources that may be able to help.

We want you to feel hopeful and comfortable with your experience at our office.  Our philosophy is not only to treat symptoms and pain, but to find the underlying cause of your pain.  Our goal is to make sure that your nervous system is functioning at an optimum level to ensure better health. We will support this over time with ongoing re-evaluations and nervous system evaluations.

Let Livingston County Chiropractic Center be a partner in supporting your health and wellness goals. Whether you need expert chiropractic or a wellness strategy, you will find we are always here to help.