Custom Made Orthotics

footlevelersFoot Leveler orthotics: The foundation of a healthier back

Your feet are your foundation. If your arches are not where they should be, it puts pressure on your knee – and this can make your pelvis unlevel. An unlevel pelvis affects the whole spine.

A lot of people think of orthotics as treatment for foot pain when in fact, they can benefit your whole body. Adjustments of the foot using orthotics, such as foot levelers, can actually prevent back problems and the need for spinal adjustments.

We’ve found that when we take care of the foot, it helps alignment of the entire body. To fit your orthotic, we scan the arches in your feet. This results in a custom product made exactly to fit your foot. The resulting orthotic is as unique as your fingerprint. Caring support for your feet is the first step to better alignment and a healthier back!