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Massage therapy is a large part of Livingston Chiropractic’s integrated approach to complete health. Our massage therapist offers massage therapy and massage rehabilitation that compliments chiropractic care and is a proven method for supporting your overall health and wellness. Livingston’s massage therapy clinic is committed to partner with you and your healthcare providers to aid in your recovery to bring the most effective and long-lasting results in a comfortable environment.

McDowell Massage Therapist

McDowell, Illinois is located in Southeast Pontiac at an elevation of 666 feet. McDowell is a close-knit community found in Township of Eppards Point. Livingston is a comforting massage therapy clinic and massage rehab center that delivers pain relief for many. Our goal is to help return you to an active lifestyle while preventing future injury. You will find caring massage therapy experts at our clinic who are motivated to assist you in providing quality massage rehabilitation.

McDowell Massage Therapy Center

Livingston’s massage rehab center has a highly trained massage therapist that uses the most advanced rehabilitation treatments and evidence-based research. This approach makes the difference in your quality of life and keeps you on the road to wellness. Let our massage therapist team show you the benefits of massage rehabilitation and massage therapy to release the tension and stress in your body. For a free consultation with a Livingston Chiropractic massage therapist call (815) 844-4631 today and get started on your journey to recovery and wellness.

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